Vacation is Good For Your Bottom Line

In my mind, there are two types of vacations, the one where you come exhausted, needing a vacation from your vacation, and the other, where you come back re-charged, exhilarated, self reflected, and eager to get on with your life; the one you left behind when you said you needed a vacation.

photo credit Lauren Forsman

Getting away from your worries, both personal and professional, spiritual healing, re-charging, nourishment, low bar for what represents lack of stress in daily life.

You will return from vacation and immediately set new levels of productivity.

If you’re not a pick up and go type of person, lower stress associated with leaving for vacation by planning and saving ahead of time, find ways to set up a vacation fund a year ahead of time.

Decide upon the type of vacation you want, are you an outdoorsy type, hiking kayaking or do you prefer the hustle and bustle of a city with outdoor cafes and loads of shopping?

Just go away!

About the Author: Lori Brand

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