Tips On Using FaceBook LIVE for Business

Last night, at our Connect the Dots 4 Women networking event at The Woman’s Club of Red Bank, I shared 21 tips to doing a successful FB Live Video. With everyone’s collaboration, we added 2 more to make it a total of 23. Plust there’s a bonus Podcast you can listen to!

I loved the participation we had tonight and the tips were embraced by everyone in attendance. We even ended the evening with some attendees using the tips and did “mock” FB Live videos in the front of the room.

facebook liveWe started the evening with answering the questions: What is FB Live and why do people do them?

A FB Live video is exactly what it sounds like….it’s a Live video so there are no ‘do-overs’. As you’re recording, people are watching you. People do FB live videos to share with their audience (their FB audience that is) what they’re doing in their personal life at that particular moment (like going to a concert, going on vacation, exercising) or what they’re doing in their business. This is the newest way to brand yourself, which expands your business at a quick rate.

Here are 23 helpful tips both for personal and business FB LIVE videos.

  1. Equipment – you don’t need anything other than your cell phone and good lighting.
  2. Background and surroundings – a) Make sure the area behind you is clear. Don’t have messy stacks of papers or a huge pile of laundry on.  b) Background noise – if recording outside a light wind could sound like the middle of a windstorm. c) Make sure you have a good internet connection.
  3. Forward your calls so you don’t get distracted during your broadcast.
  4. The length of your FB LIVE video should be between 10 and 15 minutes. Anything more than that and you could lose their interest. Believe me, 10 minutes is a long time.
  5. Don’t try to be perfect, you’re not a newscaster. People don’t want to see that. They want to see you and you’re the only one who can “do” you. Besides, practice makes perfect.
  6. Smile and relax….yes, I know …easier said than done but people will feel your vibe thru the video. Ever hear someone speak but just the fact they’re smiling, you like who they are and not what they’re saying necessarily? Give people reason to keep watching you.
  7. At the start of the FaceBook LIVE video, introduce yourself. Don’t just start talking. If you’re doing a video for your business, say your name and name of your company. Either way, tell them what you plan to cover in your video, even if you have it written in the text above the video.
  8. If you’re doing a FB LIVE video for your business, share with them a little bit about yourself so they can get to know you a little. I don’t mean facts, I mean if you’re having a bad hair day, tell them. If you’re having a great day, tell them. If you’re running around and stopped to get coffee and it spilled all over yourself, tell them. They have to connect with you, so be real. People buy from people. Then get into the business tip.
  9. Be consistent with your FB LIVE videos and do them often. You can’t do them every couple of weeks and expect people to tune in. They need to be looking for yours. I was doing FB lives every day and then I stopped because it was too much with doing my podcast episodes. I’m going to go back to doing them a couple of times a week. So find your balance. If you can do one each day, do it. If you can only do them every few days, do it. Be consistent with the time of the day, if possible, so people know when to expect your video and they will look for them.
  10. Give thought to what you’re going to say, don’t ramble. I used the example of someone doing a FB LIVE video eating cereal (no one wants to see you eating cereal and not sharing why you’re doing that). I suggested you talk about how much sugar the cereal has (maybe read the box) and talk about healthier breakfast options.
  11. Be creative. Try to use something in your personal life and relate it to your business. For example, like a book you read and how you will use it in your business.
  12. You want to make it as casual and conversational as possible so pretend you’re talking to one person.
  13. Right after you introduce yourself, Thank people for joining you. People are taking time out of their day, whether they’re catching you live or on the replay and they like to be appreciated and you do appreciate them watching. There are so many people watching and not commenting (which you can tell by the # of views that FB posts). You never know who’s watching.I gave the example of being at a cousin’s bridal shower recently and how some cousins commented how they liked my FB live videos and inquired about content that I had shared about a tentative Rhode Island trip. I never knew they were watching! I gave the example of being at a cousin’s bridal shower recently and how some cousins commented how they liked my FB live videos and inquired about content that I had shared about a tentative Rhode Island trip. I never knew they were watching!
  14. Engage with your audience by asking them to do stuff. For example, if watching live, post “1” in comments, if on replay, post “2”.
  15. Encourage people to give you feedback throughout your video….right after you get into your topic and maybe Somewhere in the middle of your video, you can ask your audience….Do you feel that way? Or has this ever happened to you? Ask them to tell you how they feel with an emoji. Now FB gives you 6 emojis to choose from. This is an excellent way to build relationships, getting them connected with you.
  16. Ask the audience to share your video with their friends or team members if it’s a business tip if they received value from it. Don’t miss this opportunity to grow your organic reach.
  17. End your video with a call to action. If it’s a personal video and you’re sharing a recipe, encourage those watching to try the recipe and post on this video thread how it turned out or if they liked it. If it’s a business video, challenge the audience members to try the tip you shared with them and again comment in the thread what their results were. You’ve now become their accountability partner.
  18. Share the topic of your next FB Live video. If you already know what you want to share with them on the next FB Live, share it with your audience members. They may tell their team members or friends about it. This is where being consistent with your time and day of your videos really shines.
  19. Finish the video with a smile and if you just did a business FB live, ask your audience that if they have any questions about what you shared to contact you and you can leave them with your website, an email address or ask them to reach out to you via FB messenger.
  20. Depending on the time of day you do your video, you may have more people watching it on replay. The good thing is that each FB live video is archived. Once you’re done and you press finish, it is immediately archived and posted. You can optimize this video by adding a post-video comment thanking everyone for watching and encouraging further comments and questions. Once you do that, it comes back up on your newsfeed and your FB friends see it one more time.
  21. Last but not least. I saved this one for the end because I know even after these helpful tips, some of you are still not sure if you can do a FB LIVE and petrified at the thought of doing one. Here’s the tip: You can do a practice run by changing the privacy setting on your post. FB asks you “who should see this?”. Change it to “only me” but make sure you change it back once you’re done practicing the video because otherwise all your other posts won’t be seen either. Sometimes making this setting change is fickle on a phone so you may want to change the setting on a desktop, then use your phone to practice and change it back on the desktop. Someone in the workshop mentioned you can’t change the privacy setting on your business page, only personal so do the practice run in your personal page.
  22. Added in during the workshop: Use a signature sign-off. I usually say “thanks for watching and God bless”
  23. Use Hashtags so people can find you. Someone in class uses #LulaRoeLive and someone connected with her on FB from California that she didn’t know.

I hope these tips were helpful to you!

October Challenge on Facebook Live

Challenge to all attendees: For the month of October, do at least 1 FB LIVE video each week (so 4 in October) and include the hashtag #CTDLiveChallenge so we can all see them and learn from each other.

Podcast – Facebook Live Tips

I just launched a podcast on The Natural Networker if you’d like to listen to the tips on Facebook Live.

It was a great night of learning, laughing and collaboration. Like our own think tank😊 Thank you and God bless!