Stop Whining About Money and Change Your Money Mindset


By Lori M. Brand

Managing Director, SafeChoice Financial Group

We all want to be better with money. We want more of it, we want it to work harder for us; and to be more financially secure. Yet, despite our wants and desires, I often hear clients share self limiting beliefs — beliefs that will most definitely keep them from reaching their financial goals, no matter how badly they may want to.

Words such as “I’m not good with money.” or “‘ll never have enough” or “ I’ll never be rich,” unfortunately keep us stuck in a self-fulfilling prophecy that says “ don’t even try. “ Our words are powerful triggers. Your thoughts become your actions, which become your reality.

If we subconsciously believe that something is not possible, then we don’t bother wasting energy trying. It is this thought / action process that takes people out of the wealth building equation, settling for less without even realizing it. It’s called the “scarcity loop, ” a tape we play over and over again which we become comfortable with. We accept the message as truth and our subsequent actions live out that truth.

Obviously this scarcity loop can take a toll on our financial security. But what if you could change that? Would you? Of course! The good news is that with some dedication and hard work (no sweat equity just a daily commitment to change your thought pattern), you will begin to see a positive change in your financial future.

Pay attention to the words you say or feelings you have regarding money. Replace words such as “I can’t afford to save” with “how can i start saving?”

Keep a journal if necessary. Write down your observations and your feelings about money both past and present. List positive steps you can take, even if it’s saving $10.00 a week. Those thoughts and actions will lead you down a path for bigger bolder steps and actions, and a much brighter financial future!