September – A Good Time To Review Your Digital Footprint

If you didn’t create any new year’s resolutions for your business in January, now is the time to sit down and review what you have an make some feasible plans.

We’re no longer in school, but September still feels like a good time for new beginnings.

Even if you feel like you are on top of things, this is a good time to review and catch any software upgrades that might impact your digital footprint.

Assess Your Digital Footprint – What to look at

  1. Google Yourself and Your Business – don’t do a search for your domain name, conduct some searches using names and terms that your clients might use if they don’t remember your domain name. Search by your products or services. Search using your geographic reach.
  2. When you google yourself are any of your other Internet properties showing up? Your social media properties? Are your social media properties listed in your website? Is your website link on your social media properties?
  3. Check your YouTube channel and any review websites?
  4. And what about any business listing on other websites?  Have you claimed your business listings? Is your business showing up in the networking groups you belong to?

What to Do

Keep track of all the websites your business is identified on. Do you have login access to each site?

Track the search terms that you used to assess your digital footprint. If you decide to get some SEO assistance, this is valuable information.

If you have some kind of keyword tracking or analytics, review it to see if your website traffic is in line with the keywords you used to search.

Your website has the opportunity to show up for hundreds or thousands of keywords. Knowing your digital footprint will help you determine where you might want to focus your efforts in terms of promotions of products or services and your marketing and advertising budget.