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Balancing Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual Wellness can be described as a feeling of being aligned with your higher self through connections to the Universe, or through a higher deity.  Alignment with your higher self provides a sense of purpose and a depth of understanding to our everyday lives, particularly as we experience the peaks and valleys of daily living.

Spiritual wellness is a life-long journey, and in order to be spiritually well, we must first be “spiritually aware.”  Finding meaning and purpose beyond the tasks and turmoil of our everyday lives is challenging. Remembering to be connected to your higher self allows for a set of guiding principles and actions that help ground us throughout life.  

Why is it important to be spiritually well?

Life is challenging; full of ups, downs, and in-betweens.  During difficult times, or through periods of extreme stress, it is important to remain grounded and to look for strength, inspiration, and meaning that we can obtain through the connections to our higher self.  Through those connections, we are reminded that the macrocosm of the universe is in control and if we allow ourselves to trust, and be open to her, she will bring us exactly where we need to be. It is that trust that provides peace, harmony, and balance we crave in our lives.  To trust is to know that ultimately that all will be well.  

The Journey To Spiritual Wellness is rife with twists, turns and struggles yet at the same time, ripe with opportunities to choose a path toward spiritual enlightenment. On our journey  we must remember to do the following:

seek act trust


SEEK – The path to spiritual wellness is an informed one. Seek out experts, information, topics, how to’s. Look toward others who’ve shared their journey toward spiritual wellness and implement their teachings and findings. 

ACT –  To seek is not enough.  Attend workshops, lectures, and put the teachings into actions in your daily life. 

TRUST – Your actions and your will to be spiritually fulfilled will not manifest until you truly believe in the power of you.  Trust yourself to believe in the power of the universe to deliver the results you wish for. 

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Lori Brand is one of the founders of Connect The Dots and the developer of the concept of balancing 3 pillars for overall wellness – the mission of Connect The Dots. Lori and coordinates content contributors and collaborators. She is also a money mindset coach ( and a financial advisor with SafeChoice Financial Group – she focuses on helping women meet their financial goals. more about. And is passionate about sharing ways to create balance in life through the spiritual, physical, and financial wellness pillars.