Good SEO work only gets better over time.

SEO is like a great wine – it only gets better over time.

Good SEO work only gets better over time. It’s only search engine tricks that need to keep changing when the ranking algorithms change. – Jill Whalen

I love this quote by Jill Whalen. It sums up all the reasons why “white hat SEO” is the right thing to do, why it is “good SEO”. And no matter what awesome opportunity “black hat SEO” might present, sooner or later the search engines will catch up, update their search results algorithms, and change them. And sometimes a search engine will penalize a website or even ban a website that is behaving in a negative, tricky, black-hat manner.

Even if you don’t know what white hat and black hat SEO is, you can probably surmise that one makes good business sense and the other is looking for a quick win. One of the old black-hat techniques is to put repetitive text on a page in the same color as the color of the page, so it looks invisible to individuals but can be read by search engines. Well, search engines have come a long way since then, and websites doing this type of trick are quickly spotted and dealt with (or dropped in terms of visibility in search results).

Always Changing

A website can appear in a search engine’s search results for hundreds or thousands of different word combinations. The search engines are always changing their algorithms, your online competition is always changing, and each keyword phrase can move up and down the search results on a daily or hourly basis. And now personalized preferences can further impact what you see on the Internet. Of


Getting back to “SEO gets better over time” – a TIP

So the TIP for you, a business owner, is to make sure your Internet properties are always changing too, don’t let them stagnate. Don’t let your website become a “brochure site’, update your website frequently (a minimum of once a month).

Stagnant content looks like an abandoned business to Google and other search engines. And abandoned businesses will quickly lose visibility. Especially if a website is never updated and new websites appear on the Internet for the same or similar business terminology.

I have been conducting Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaigns for fifteen years and have never had a client loose complete visibility on a  search engine. There’s always something to promote or talk about.



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