Death, taxes and childbirth! There’s never a convenient time for any of them!

tax day - death, taxes, and childbirth

Find some Tax Day freebies, learn how to de-stress from taxes, and learn about the Pink Tax topic.

April Tax Day? Not this 2020!

When looking for meaningful quotes about taxes from women … there weren’t many. Until we stumbled across Margaret Mitchell’s quote “Death, taxes and childbirth! There’s never any convenient time for any of them.” It’s interesting that the 1936 author of the Pulitzer Prize novel, Gone with the Wind is one of the few women talking about taxes (i.e. one of the few women that are not politicians).

Since we are all about connecting the dots, we thought we’d talk about taxes in general, how to destress from them and mention the PINK Tax.

How to de-stress from tax time

For those of you who are filing on this last day – April 17th … we know it’s a stressful time. You and every other US citizen who has already filed can take advantage of some of the many enticing things that business are doing to help you de-stress.

SHREDDING – Your taxes are done, you’ve filed what you need to keep. Now shred the rest!

TAKE A BREAK – Go for a walk, call a friend, or go do something fun. Step away to stay-in-step.  And there’s more ideas on free things to do on The Balance.

It is important to understand why tax time is stressful for you. Some of the top 3 reasons are:

  1. You Don’t Understand Tax Laws – not only is it essential to understand the tax process but you should also have an idea about what credits and deductions you could be eligible for.
  2. You’re not organized or prepared with paperwork – if you hand over a box of paperwork to an accountant, you’ll be paying them to sift through it. If you are doing your taxes yourself, you’re probably finding yourself spending more time looking for paperwork than filling out your taxes.
  3. Owing Money – The number one stressor is when you know you are going to own money that you don’t have. The good news is that In this country, no one goes to jail for owing taxes. Our government offers a payment plan.

My Dollar Plan talks a lot about taxes and the stressors – you can read their article “The Truth About Why Taxes are so Stressful“.

Ax the pink taxThe Pink Tax

Ever heard of it? There have been plenty of studies showing how many female products are more expensive than their male counterparts.

Listen Money Matters talks about “The Cost of Being a Female Consumer”and the Pink Tax.

In the article, you can read about My Billie an alternative to mainstream shaving companies and their “The Pink Tax Rebate“.

More information about awareness of the Pink Tax on Ax The Pink Tax (