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no budget

Looking To Change Up Your Money Story For 2019?

If you’re looking to change up your relationship with money and start a new leaf for 2019, here’s the best way to blow it…… by setting up a budget…

Mistakes 401K

Mistakes You Might Be Making With Your 401-K Plan

Do you have an old 401-k plan from a previous job? If yes, chances are you’re leaving money on the table or worse losing money.

straight talk about annuities Lori Brand money mindset

Straight Talk About the “A” Word

I sat with a client the other day, who was discussing his employer-sponsored retirement plan. He wanted an investment that would provide him with NO risk, a guaranteed 8% – 10 % return, and a fa...

Stop Whining About Money and Change Your Money Mindset

Article by financial advisor Lori M. Brand, who is also presenting the Money Mindset segment of our Wine + Food Pairing Networking even on May 18th.

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