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Send Out Cards Relationship Management

In honor of Valentine’s Day we thought we’d talk about sharing the love with your business relationships.

Not appropriate you say?!?! Well did you know there is a thing called Relationship Marketing?

You can use a direct mail strategy (yes, snail mail). We heard about the Send Out Cards company and their print/mailing cards and gift services.

Send Out Cards offers a super easy to use digital service to send out individual cards or entire mailing lists. Standard card designs are available but what is really special is the customizable print cards. If you’ve mastered graphics with Canva you’re more than ready for this drag & drop custom feature!

Spreading the Love with Relationship Marketing

I first heard about Send Out Cards from Lucy Korzelius, an associate broker with EXP Realty. She is also a referral agent for Send Out Cards. I attended one of her networking speaking engagements in Red Bank, New Jersey and immediately fell in love with the idea. Lucy talked about Relationship Marketing and the different scenarios for using the card service. It was easy to see the value that a real estate agent would see, as that industry has always had their eye on the long-term commitment to relationships.

Lucy uses these cards regularly and she says that “The greatest part of my professional career has always been in seeing satisfaction in my customers’ faces or in their voice when they know that they made the right decision.” Sending them a thank you will remind the new homeowners of your service and support in the purchase of their home. If you have a photo of their new home or of the home buyers, they will keep it forever.

Business relationship building is important in all businesses and the concept of sending out introductions, follow-up, thanks yous, or seasonal reminders can all be implemented with different types of standard or customized cards.

Direct Mail, Relationship Marketing, & Send Out Cards

There can be opportunities to send print cards for both B2B and B2C businesses. Depending on your industry or type of business, you might want to sent out 1-time/as-needed, monthly, seasonally, for holidays, or to run a Direct Mail campaign. Direct Mail can be expensive, but if you’re looking to creating a memorable branding experience print is still an effective marketing solution.

Integrating Relationship Marketing with Your Other Business Marketing

As an SEO specialist, I am mostly focused on digital solutions but I am also always interested in integrating all marketing and advertising and keeping an eye on branding. My advice for when you’re using Send Out Cards is to think about the signature area and be sure to include your contact info. And don’t forget about the back of the cards – a great space to put your logo, website, again, email, phone, and possibly links to social media.

Want to see if sending out cards can be useful for your business?

You can try it out with a few cards or develop a Relationship Marketing plan.

View Lucy’s Send Out Cards page or contact her for more information.