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Balancing Physical Wellness

Physical wellness is considered to be one of the most important of the three pillars, the mind, body and money pillars.

Your body is an amazing and finely tuned-mechanism which needs regular care and maintenance to keep it in optimum condition.  What we eat, how much we sleep, and how much we exercise are all important contributors to keep our bodies operating at maximum efficiency.  

To be physically well, we must be well-nourished, well-rested and minimize stress as much as possible.   Being physically well spills over into many areas of our lives. For instance, physical wellness also includes nutrition, exercise, skincare, relaxation, and any other area that creates an optimum physical state for our bodies.  

It is important to remember the connection within the three pillars of physical, spiritual and financial wellness.  For instance, the stresses caused by an imbalance in your financial pillar can have a negative effect on your physical pillar.  We cannot escape the existential relationship of the three pillars of mind, body money.  

Stress can have a critical impact on your physical well-being.

That’s why it is important to incorporate relaxation into your overall routine. Built-up tension causes headaches and other aches and pains that can leave you feeling fatigued and fuzzy-headed.  Bouts of stress, either sporadic or prolonged, can cause adrenal fatigue, a condition that results when the adrenal glands function below normal levels. Adrenal fatigue is often what causes that tired, drained feeling during periods of stress.  

Physical wellness can also include the broader topic of our physical surroundings; where we eat, live, and sleep.

Physical surroundings such as your home, room, garage, or office that are in disrepair, disorganized and cluttered make it impossible to master control of our spiritual and financial pillars. Clutter overwhelms us. Do you ever notice how relaxed you feel in a hotel room? You are free to unwind in the temporary condition of not having to deal with your “stuff.”  Decluttering allows our physical and spiritual bodies to breathe. This allows room for receiving gifts and enlightenment from our higher selves.

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Overall physical wellness is more than just a body in good condition. It encourages the balance of wholeness in all three pillars of mind, body, and money. Remember your pillars!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Lori Brand is one of the founders of Connect The Dots and the developer of the concept of balancing 3 pillars for overall wellness – the mission of Connect The Dots. Lori and coordinates content contributors and collaborators. She is also a money mindset coach ( and a financial advisor with SafeChoice Financial Group – she focuses on helping women meet their financial goals. more about. And is passionate about sharing ways to create balance in life through the spiritual, physical, and financial wellness pillars.

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