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the MIND pillar balancing spiritual wellness

The MIND Pillar

Not sure what a spiritual wellness pillar is and why it's important to be spiritually well?

balancing 3 pillars mind body money

Balancing the 3 Pillars of Wellness

Connect The Dots is a combined resource to help women achieve balance within the Three Pillars of Wellness; Spiritual, Physical and Financial Wellness.

MONEY pillar balancing financial wellness

The MONEY Pillar

What is financial wellness and how do you become balanced and "well" in the MONEY pillar of your life?

The Body Pillar balancing physical wellness

The BODY Pillar

What is the physical wellness pillar is and why it's important to be create balance in your body, home, & relationships.

change your money mindset

Change Your Money Mindset

We all want to be better with money. We want more of it, we want it to work harder for us, and to be more financially secure.

Can You Build Wealth Outside the Stock Market?

Can You Build Wealth Outside the Stock Market?

Market Loss… Nobody likes to lose money, unless you have a lot to lose. And even then, those with a higher risk tolerance can’t help but wince when faced with a market loss.

Meet Network Exchange

Meet Network Exchange

A new networking group Learn about Network Exchange and how it can help your business succeed! ALL ARE WELCOME!

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Vacation is Good For Your Bottom Line

In my mind, there are two types of vacations, the one where you come exhausted, needing a vacation from your vacation, and the other, where you come back re-charged, exhilarated, self reflected, and e...


Money Motivation

Need Some Motivation to Get Your Finances on Track?

Consistency: Things you say and do every day will make a difference

How to Change Your Mindset with CONSISTENCY as a Tool

Consistency: what you do every day

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