Balancing the 3 Pillars of Wellness

Spiritual (MIND), Physical (BODY), and Financial (MONEY)

Welcome To Connect The Dots, a combined resource to help women achieve balance within the Three Pillars of Wellness;  Spiritual, Physical and Financial Wellness.  Sometimes we refer to these pillars as The Mind, Body, Money Pillars.  

Why The Three Pillars?

Wellness is a broad concept that encompasses many areas of life. But to achieve overall wellness, one must be balanced within the three critical areas known as The Three Pillars;  the Physical Pillar,  the Spiritual Pillar, and the Financial Pillar.  If one or more of these pillars is off-kilter, or unrecognized then it is impossible to achieve complete and overall wellness.  

the MIND pillar balancing spiritual wellness

The Spiritual pillar, aka the MIND pillar, is the area in your life where you can balance spiritual wellness. This can include your mind, your thoughts, your beliefs, religions, practices, and more. #MindPillar more on our MIND Pillar BLOG

body pillar balancing physical wellness

The Physical pillar, aka the BODY pillar, includes areas in your life where you can balance physical wellness. This can include your body, your relationships, home, places, activities, and much more. #BodyPillar more on our BODY Pillar BLOG

balancing financial wellness body pillar

The Physical pillar, aka the MONEY pillar, includes the areas in your life where can balance financial wellness. This can include your personal wealth, your job, career, business, retirement plans, and more. #MoneyPillar more on our MONEY Pillar BLOG


For example, you may be financially stable, but if you are too money-centered, pursuing your money goals to the exclusion of all else, it can leave you spiritually or physically unbalanced, lacking in other areas that give meaning or appreciation to life, such as relationships, nature or recreation. 

If, on the other hand, you struggle financially, it can leave you emotionally and physically at risk for significant health complications due to stress.   

If you live completely in the spiritual, with little regard for the practical or physical elements in life, you are also at risk for imbalance and discord in other areas of everyday living. 

All of these pillars work together.  It is for this reason that balance within the three pillars is critical to living that best life we all strive for.  By collectively focusing on these Pillars, we can determine our areas of strength, and areas of weakness, leading toward a healthy, harmonious, and peaceful life.

Why Connect The Dots? 

It is easy to overlook the importance that each of these three areas plays in our combined overall health and wellness.  Most of us do not recognize the importance of balance within the three pillars. As life pushes and pulls us in many different directions, we may find ourselves living more in one pillar than another at any given time. Despite our attempts to multi-task, we still feel overwhelmed, exhausted and a nagging lack of accomplishment. One or more of your Pillars is lacking.  

Connect The Dots reminds us to acknowledge our Pillars as we go about our day. When stress, burnout, overwhelm, discouragement, or lack hits us, we can refer to one of three pillars for re-balancing and re-building.    #RememberYourPillars

How Do We Do That?

Connect The Dots provides content, resources, tips, exercises, merchandise, and experts to help you live a fulfilled, balanced life within each pillar, and to re-balance your pillars when necessary.

We do that through an online digital presence,  (, through community-based workshops and seminars, and thru online webinars, seminars, and speakers featuring useful information within the three pillars.  

If you would like more information on the good work that Connect The Dots does, OR you would like to become a Pillar Subject-Matter-Expert contributor, please contact us!

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Lori Brand is one of the founders of Connect The Dots and the developer of the concept of balancing 3 pillars for overall wellness – the mission of Connect The Dots. Lori and coordinates content contributors and collaborators. She is also a money mindset coach ( and a financial advisor with SafeChoice Financial Group – she focuses on helping women meet their financial goals. more about. And is passionate about sharing ways to create balance in life through the spiritual, physical, and financial wellness pillars.