Connect The Dots

Connect The DotsConnect The Dots is an important passion project for us, as single, working moms we needed to find ways to fit a social life and business networking into our days. We created Connect the Dots as a way to work in a team environment while utilizing our experiences and those of other Subject-Matter-Experts (SMEs) to help create balance in our lives and the lives of others.

MISSION: To create and promote the space and resources for a (global online) community for women to share insights into improving their lives by the connecting the dots in their personal and work life: with the three pillars of spiritual wellness (mind), physical wellness (body), and financial wellness (money).

Connect The Dots began with it’s early roots in 2016 as more of a local networking group where women could network, attend educational meetings, and have fun – combining the three was very innovative at the time and well received. The monthly events were focused on business networking and were great, but limited to our local New Jersey geography. On one event in February people braved a severe winter storm to attend an event and the “fun” (a play) – many missed the event due to the snow and travel issues.

The new and improved Connect The Dots has a more global approach and uses technology to create a community focused on balancing 3 pillars (Spiritual, Physical, and Financial) as well as including fun and eduction with subject-matter-experts. Anyone can join the community if you’re interested in the topics. Businesses are invite to network and expand their reach by joining the business directory. And Subject-Matter-Experts are invited to contribute content and collaborate on topics within the 3 pillars with the objective to help women connect-the-dots in their personal lives and business/work/careers.

The Three Pillars

Balancing Spiritual, Physical, and Financial Wellness in your Life

We believe that the essence of creating positivity and balance in your life is to make sure that you’re addressing three areas, 3 pillars. The three pillar are spiritual wellness (mind), physical wellness (body), and financial wellness (money). By taking steps to focus on what’s important to you, you can achieve balance. Easier said than done, we’ve found that doing it alone can be very difficult but with a little help from friends, family, and a community like Connect The Dots we can achieve our own personal goals so much more effectively.  The Connect The Dots community is a private safe space to discuss various topics. The community will also provide a level of accountability, i.e. the community will become your accountability partners in a way that is not task driven but driven by similar interests and experiences. read more about the 3 Pillars

Sharing Information in a Global Community and Having Fun

What’s different about Connect-the-Dots?

Our approach is designed to be attractive to busy working women who are looking for community support and infomation. The information is provided in a variety of formats to address the different learning styles: visual learners, audio learners, reading/writing learners, and experiential learners. There will be short blog posts available to anyone (not just members), when members login there will be longer more indepth articles written by subject-matter-experts, “live” visual and interactive presentions will be presented in our Virtual World events or played on video replay. And we will be providing things to do and things to communicate about.

Connect The Dots looks to promote the sharing of INFORMATION about the 3 pillars from subject-matter-experts (SME’s). All members can interact with eachother and when you are in the Virtual World you can communicate directly with people or engage during a presentation.

By creating a COMMUNITY, we can create a secure area. Businesses are viewable in our directory on the world-wide-web, whereas members are only viewable for to other members when logged-in.

Everyone needs BALANCE and FUN in their lives. Women in business, moms, working moms, solo-preneurs, students, and even the very lucky non-working women. Our informational education (blog) tends to be laced with humor as well as helpful tips. And we do have plans to have physical events around the United States… and around the world!

Co-President and Content Coordinator. Lori is a financial advisor with a twist. She specializes in helping women in business. She is most passionate about is helping people that have experienced a major BLIP in their personal or professional life and feel like they are starting over again. read more about Lori Brand.

Co-President and Technical Coordinator. Kate has been in the technology field for many years and SEO for 15+ years. She offers tips to help your digital footprint, SEO, & Social Media. Kate shares information that is useful for solo-preneurs, network marketing, local shop businesses, and small to mid-size companies. read more about Kate Rafferty